Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LINC Community Revitalization Inc.?
Incorporated in 2000, change name in 2011 from Lighthouse Communities, Inc. to LINC Community Revitalization Inc a 501(c)3 nonprofit community development corporation (CDC) based in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

What is LINC's mission?
LINC's mission is to "help grass-roots non-profit community development groups create affordable housing in their neighborhood for the purpose of stimulating community revitalization."  We are founded on the premise of linking community-organizing efforts with real estate development.  We use both cutting edge community development techniques and the latest tools for real estate development in helping neighbors, business owners, and neighborhood stakeholders realize their visions for the community.

What is the history of LINC.?
LINC incorporated on June 13, 2000 after a community-based collaborative planning process that included local community development corporations, neighborhood associations, builders, foundations, representatives from the City of Grand Rapids' community development office, Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and, most importantly, residents of core city neighborhoods.

LINC engages in effective community revitalization through partnerships and collaborations with numerous community-based organizations and other neighborhood stakeholders.  LINC is founded on the premise of linking community organization efforts with real estate development. We use both cutting edge community development techniques and the latest tools for real estate development in helping neighbors, business owners, and community stakeholders realize their visions for the community.

LINC investments have grown significantly over the last five years.  LINC has invested over $30 million in housing and commercial development.

What are LINC's values?

  • Diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Building partnerships
  • Investment
  • Community service
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

What type of programs and services does LINC offer?
LINC offers several programs and services to a diverse pool of customers including homeowners, families, youth, business owners, and rental property owners.  Our services include: housing, economic development, construction, and neighborhood services.  Our programs include: homeownership promotion and preservation, leadership and capacity building, Southtown Matching Fund (SMF), Neighborhood Housing Fund (NHF), Lead Remediation program, foreclosure prevention, housing counseling, rental property management, and business incubation.

What geographic area(s) does LINC serve?
LINC provides services to Kent County.  In the city of Grand Rapids we also serve a specific geographic area known as Southtown, an area bounded by Wealthy Street on the north, Fuller Avenue on the east, Dickinson Street to Buchanan Avenue on the south, and Buchanan Avenue to Albany to Division Avenue on the west. (See map of Southtown).

How do I get involved with LINC?
If you would like to learn about volunteer opportunities, visit our calendar or contact us please contact us by phone at (616) 451-9140.  If you would like to make a charitable donation online to support LINC, Click here.

Do you provide funding to individuals or organizations?
LINC does not provide funding directly to individuals.  Through the Southtown Matching Fund, a City of Grand Rapids Community Development Block grant funded program, LINC provides funding to neighborhood-based organizations, block club groups and resident groups in Southtown.  Homeowners, rental property owners and homebuyers, please visit our Housing Services page for information on programs available.  Business owners please visit our Commercial Services page for information on programs and assistance available through LINC.

Have other questions?
Contact us by phone at (616) 451-9140, by mail at the street address below or by email for more information.

LINC Community Revitalization Inc.

1167 Madison Avenue SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Phone: (616) 451-9140

Fax: (616)- 451-0615

Can I buy a house through Lighthouse Communities, Inc.?
Yes, visit our Housing Services page for details, complete the application form online or download the form right here.

Can I view a list of houses available for sale through LINC?
Yes, click here for a listing of homes available for sale.

Can I view a list of places available for rent through LINC?
Yes, click here for a listing of places available for rent.

Can I rent a place through LINC?
Yes, visit our Housing Services page for details, complete the application form online or download the form right here.

Have issues with your business and need assistance?
Visit our Economic Development page for details on the type of technical assistance or training available or simply email our Economic Development department right now.

Housing Services Questions

Have questions about our homeownership programs?
Visit our Housing Services page or read here our Guide to Homeownership in Kent County.

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Calling all GRPS students - Read and get FREE ICE CREAM with Reading Rewards!

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Creemos y seremos

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Creemos y seremos: We believe we become

José Vasquez and his family attended LINC Community Revitalization's Believe 2 Become West Hope Zone planning meeting on Thursday. The ...

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LINC Development Center opens on Madison & Hall

Lisa LaPlante FOX 17 News Reporter 3:57 p.m. EDT, June 11, 2011 GRAND RAPIDS— The Madison Square Neighborhood has been a center for ...

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Lighthouse becomes LINC

Today, Lighthouse announced it has adopted a chic new brand identity, LINC Community Revitalization, Inc

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Southtown PhotoVoice

A picture documentary and community assesment project.

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"I Believe, I Become"

Over 600 residents turned out for the first of several community meetings.

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Grand Rapids Neighborhood celebrates the end of construction

Community leaders today cut the ribbon to celebrate the end of construction in the Hall Street and Madison Avenue corridor.

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Lighthouse Communities and Urban Pizza

Uptown Incubator, Urban Pizza to open April 1.

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Madison Square Business Incubator

Madison Square business incubator has community backing for $1.7m project.

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Flips Foreclosed Homes

Lighthouse Communities has several homes throughout Kent County that they are revitalizing. The positive investment and development of these ...

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Bringing in NSP funds to address foreclosures and blight in southeast Grand Rapids

Garfield Park and Madison Square neighborhood will benefit from an $820,000 investment in NSP funds allocated by the State of ...

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Countrywide Settlement Funds allocated to housing agencies

Lighthouse Communities and other local housing agencies will receive funds to continue to stabilize the neighborhoods hardest hit by foreclosures ...

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Fighting foreclosures with Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds

Read about the effects of foreclosure in our communities and how Lighthouse will help tackle this issue through the NSP ...

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Madison Square business district

Madison Square business district another step closer to becoming Grand Rapids' second CID

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